TJ Harris

Ms. Chelle

Bhigg Blaque

Host of Sayin it Plain, Author,  Business Owner and Creator of the Sayin it Plain Media & Entertainment empire.  Tj is Activist who believes in social and economic justice. He is also SIP's relationship expert  and Political strategist, TJ is also a Human rights activist and active backer of the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement and the NAACP. Tj is a Liberal and progressive democrat who belives that #resistance is the only way to accomplish, political, social, and economic equality in this country. TJ lives by the motto "dont knock on the door, kick it down"and believes in entrepreneurship and the advancement of self employment and self reliance and its importance on the progression of society. Tj is also the Host of Sayin it Plain's sister show live every Saturday morning Sayin it Plain on Sports.
Ms. Chelle is the Co- host and Media and Entertainement Insider of the Sayin it Plain Radio Show.She is known as SIP's Ice to TJ's fire and the "neutral voice of reason" on the show.  She is The Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer of SIP Media & Entertainment. Ms. Chelle balances being a Wife, a Mother of 3 and Buisness executive. Ms. Chelle is an animal lover  and activist who lives by the  quote : "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." ― Mahatma Gandhi , Ms. Chelle is also a  human rights activists and propenent for equal rights.
Bhigg Blauque is Tj and Ms. Chelle's Monday and Thursday  Sayin it Plain Co-Host and Top show contributor since 2015. Bhigg Blaugue is also the main co-host of Sayin it Plain's Sister show Sayin it Plain on Sports. Bhigg Blaque is Sayin it Plain's Fitness Guru and lives by the motto " A healthy body = a Healthy Mind" He gives weekly fitness advice and tips on the show with his Move into Fitness Segement